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Barbara Saph, Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Weight Management, Licensed Hypnoband Practitioner.
What does your BMI mean

Your BMI gives an indication of your health risks.

BMI between 18 and 25 is regarded as "Normal"

Between 25 and 30 is classed as "Overweight"

A BMI between 30 and 40 is in the "Obese" range

If you have a BMI over 40 you are classed as"Morbidly Obese"

Not only can obesity affect life expectancy it can be responsible for conditions such as: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and joint problems like osteoarthritis. 

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More details about Hypnoband

  • What makes the Hypnoband weight loss system different?
    The Hypnoband system is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Techniques and hypnotherapy that helps you explore, analyse and change your eating habits. The using the mind-body connection we fit a "virtual gastric band" to your stoamch, making you eat less and feel full longer.
  • Does it involve surgery?
    No! The Hypnoband system is a non-invasive behaviour changing method using hypnotherapy some NLP and EFT: the latest methos to help you deal with emotional eating.
  • Does it hurt?
     No, quite the contary, hypnotherapy is a very relaxing process.
  • Are there side¬†effects?
    No. There are no side effects associated with undergoing this procedure, providing you choose a reputable therapist.
  • So it's safe?
    Yes, The Hypnoband system is safe because it is based on hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been used safely for many years in many treatment areas such as pain relief in childbirth and is recommended by NICE to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome to name just a couple of applications.
    N.B. Please make sure that your hypnoptherapist is properly trained and qualified, is insured and belongs to a professional association who can verify their qualification.

  • Will I be under the hypnotherapists control?
    Never. No hypnotherapist can make you do anything you do not want to do or make you behave in a way you would not normally behave, therapeutic hypnosis is very different from stage hypnosis.
  • Am I suitable for the Hypnoband weight loss system
    If you are over-weight or obese and really want and are committed to losing weight then it is quite likely you are suitable. The only exceptions would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems or if you are taking certain medications.
    your suitability will be assessed at the initial consultation.
  • Will it work for me?
    The key to success is YOU! No weight loss system will work unless you are committed to losing weight and you are prepared to make changes to your eating habits and life-style. If you are totally serious about losing weight then it will work for you. The Hypnoband system provides you with the tools and helps you to have the ability to lose weightand to maintain a healthy body. We will help you set yourself realistic goals and help you to be positive and motivated. Hypnoband is NOT a quick fix.

  • Is it guaranteed?
    Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees. Even a surgeon cannot guarantee that an actual gastric band will work. However anecdotal evidence shows the virtual gastric band to be effective in aiding significant weight loss for suitable people. It should be noted that it is YOU that holds the key to losing weight and we will support you on your journay to achieving your desired weight. No system will work if you are not 100% committed. The mind is the most powerful instrument and by using Hypnoband system you will have the tools and the power to change your eating habits. The only way to lose significant amounts of weight is to eat less and move more.
    The Hypnoband system helps you to change your behaviour and lifestyle which in turn provides you with the ability to lose weight and stay that way.
    A few clients may need some additional sessions to clear up long standing or deep rooted issues.
    Email support will be available to all clients. 

  • If you have more questions or want to talk to someone in person contact Barbara on 02380663658 or email ¬†
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