Hypnoband in Hampshire

Barbara Saph, Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Weight Management, Licensed Hypnoband Practitioner.
What does your BMI mean

Your BMI gives an indication of your health risks.

BMI between 18 and 25 is regarded as "Normal"

Between 25 and 30 is classed as "Overweight"

A BMI between 30 and 40 is in the "Obese" range

If you have a BMI over 40 you are classed as"Morbidly Obese"

Not only can obesity affect life expectancy it can be responsible for conditions such as: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and joint problems like osteoarthritis. 

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About the sessions

  • What is involved in the system

     The Original Hypnoband system comprises a series of 4 sessions plus CD hypnotherapy recordings which you use at home for reinforcement
    At Hypnoband in Hampshire  I have now decided after several years experience of using Hypnoband to introduce an additional session which will give that you extra time to help you deal with underlying emotional issues and to provide you with even more long term support I will also provide you with a FREE followup review session 6 months after your Hypnoband operation session.

    Email support is available.

    Your suitablity is decided at a short free initial consultation.

    A full dietary and medical history will be taken during the first session.

    Sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

    In the first session you will be introduced to hypnosis and experience the fantastic feelings of relaxation and calmness which reults from being hypnotised.

    We will begin your journey to losing weight.

    The second session is now designed to deal with the emotional reasons that often stop people using weight.

    The third session you will be introduced to the idea of gastric band surgery Hypnoband and moves towards having the band fitted in the fourth session.

 The fifth session is a followup adjustent session.

You will learn different ways of eating, dealing with cravings and emotional eating and how to banish yo-yo dieting.

Following the sessions you should use your CD to back-up and reinforce the work you have done. 

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